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Be Sure to Open That Mail!

March 18, 2022
Author: Liz Giannetti

Everyone is busy, busy, busy (us too), but your favorite insurance agents are here to remind you NOT to wait to open the mail that comes from your insurance company? Why? They’re usually contacting you about something very important.

We are generally not notified if a payment has been missed or if a policy is being cancelled. The insurance companies send those notifications directly to you. We have seen a lot of cases the past couple of years where someone’s homeowner’s policy hasn’t been paid by their bank, and then the policy lapses and sometimes cannot be reinstated. A big cause of this is because you’ve refinanced and either you or the bank hasn’t let us know to update your policy. Then the bills go out to the wrong lender and don’t get paid. You don’t want to risk your biggest asset being uninsured because you didn’t read the letter that came in the mail.

Same goes for auto insurance. If you miss payments, or are late, they’re going to hit you with a late fee and cancel your policy, so please be sure to open any communications from your insurance company as soon as you see it!