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Credit scores and insurance

March 22, 2018
Author: Liz Giannetti

It’s officially spring! I can hardly wait to get back outside to enjoy the beauty of the spring flowers, budding trees, and of course, the greens of the golf course!
Spring is also the kickoff to buying season! New cars, new houses, new boats, and the like. As your friends, family and acquaintances are talking to you about their big purchases, give them a tip on how to save some money at the same time – contact Titan Insurance Services! For every new customer you send us, we’ll send you a $50 gift card.
We value each and every Titan Insurance Services customer, and that’s why we take the time to review each and every policy when it renews, and use our unique process of reviewing, rescoring and renewing your insurance policies so you know you the best insurance coverage for your hard-earned money.

Doug's Did You Know?

According to the American Gaming Association, Americans spent $2.6 billion on entry fees for NCAA March Madness tournament pools in 2017 and nearly 25 percent of adults in the U.S. take part in some sort of bracket challenge.

Credit Scores and Kids     

We all know that our credit score is tremendously important when it comes to financing, credit cards and insurance too. The better your score, the better your rate.
Many of our customers are parents. Have you considered freezing your minor children’s credit reports? This is a great way to protect your children from having their credit ruined, because there is a scary trend of identity thieves using the Social Security numbers of children, which ruins their credit. They often don’t even know this is happening until they go to apply for their own first credit card or car loan.
There are four major credit reporting bureaus that you need to contact and each has their own requirements to freeze a credit report: Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Innovis. It’s a bit of effort, but worth it in the long term to protect your kids.