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Everyone’s Favorite Topic … Inflation

October 24, 2022
Author: Liz Giannetti

Inflation, inflation, inflation … it is killing all of us right now! For the majority of our customers, we’re seeing rate increases of 15-20% in both car and home insurance, which means big premium increases at renewal time.

We do everything we can to get premiums down, from ordering new credit (because the better your credit, the better your insurance premiums), to shopping your insurance with our other carriers. Sometimes we find a better deal, but when we don’t, you’re stuck with the increased price.

One of our great carriers, Travelers, has made some great infographics that help explain it visually, just click on the text to learn more:

Inflation and Auto Insurance

Homeowners Insurance and Inflation

Our carriers anticipate that these price pressures from inflation will continue through 2023, but hopefully the bleeding will stop before that.

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