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How to Prevent Car Theft

February 21, 2023
Author: Liz Giannetti

It’s almost every day you hear a news story about the police chasing a stolen Kia, or you read on social media that your neighbor’s car Hyundai was taken right out in front of their house. Car thefts are on the rise here in Columbus. Here are our tips to keep you and your car safe:

Don’t leave valuables in your car

You don’t display your cash, financial statements and jewelry in your home’s windows, do you? So why would you do the same in your car? Hide those valuables, including purses, computer bags and the keys.

Park in a well-lit area

Not everyone has a garage. But many have the option of parking on a well-lit street – another deterrent for crooks.

Lock your vehicle doors

The minute you step into an automobile, you’re vulnerable. So lock up right away, before starting the ignition or setting up your music, GPS, etc. Then put your seatbelt on.

Don’t leave your keys in the car

Do not leave your keys in the car or the car running, even for a second! That’s all the time the bad guys need. No matter where you are, or how briefly you’ll be out of your vehicle, always take your keys with you.

Install an anti-theft system

Anti-theft systems emit loud alarms when they detect some kind of forced entry into your vehicle, alerting anyone nearby and potentially scaring the would-be thief from sticking around. You can also install a GPS tracking system that will show the location of your vehicle.

If you have full coverage, in the event of a vehicle break-in or theft, you’ll be covered. We’re always happy to review your coverage to make sure your vehicles are fully protected, just give us a call.