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Update Your Home Without Emptying Your Wallet

November 16, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Quick, easy, inexpensive – whoever thought those adjectives could apply to home improvement projects? But, they can! If you’ve grown tired of how your home is looking since we’ve all spent WAY too much time at home lately, your favorite insurance agents Doug and Liz have five ideas for projects that yield maximum results with minimal effort and cost: Paint: All you need is a can of paint to make big changes. Completely transform the mood of a room, or turn your front door (...)

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Doug's Did You Know? Gum Edition

November 16, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Did you know that chewing gum is banned in Singapore, all in the name of keeping things clean and orderly? Did you also know that Doug and Liz’s dad would love something like this right here? Big Doug is no fan of chewing gum and used to yell at Doug, Liz and their brother Tom for chewing it as kids!

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Driving Habit

October 20, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Even if you’re a good driver, you might be costing yourself extra money every time you get behind the wheel. How? By doing things that can increase wear and tear on your car — even things that seem perfectly normal. You may not even realize you’re doing them (most habits are unconscious behaviors), but these driving behaviors may be at least partially to blame for your frequent repair shop visits. So, help keep your car in better shape by asking yourself a few questions (...)

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When Water Goes Where It Shouldn’t

September 16, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

If you’ve ever had water issues in your home, you know what a mess it can be! Even a small leak can become a major problem, and that’s why we have some tips for you to help uncover any potential water problems down the road and keep your property dry.  Check appliance hoses.  Standard hoses are not as durable as they used to be.  Replace rubber hoses with steel-braided hoses. This is a low cost fix that can save thousands in water damage. Broken tiles in the (...)

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