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Doug's Did You Know? Bubble Wrap Edition

August 19, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Did you know that bubble wrap was originally invented as wallpaper? In 1957, engineer Al Fielding and Swiss inventor Marc Chavannes invented bubble wrap while trying to create a textured wallpaper by sealing two shower curtains together to trap air bubbles.

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Four Things to Consider When Insuring a Second Home

July 13, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Everyone loves vacation. But, vacationing in your own seasonal home? Even better. However, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to protecting your investment in a vacation home, and you definitely want to protect it. We can help by making sure you have the insurance coverage you want. To that end, here are four things that may impact the coverage you choose and how much you’ll pay for it: Separate Policy: Your seasonal home won’t be part of your primary property policy. (...)

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Doug's Did You Know? Micky D Broccoli Edition

July 13, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Anyone who knows Doug knows he loves McDonald’s, and he was appalled by this fun fact: Did you know that McDonald's created bubblegum-flavored broccoli in 2014? Needless to say, it was a failure.

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Three Important Things to Know About Fire Extinguishers

June 17, 2021 Author: Liz Giannetti

Whether you’re grilling at home in the ‘burbs, living a condo lifestyle or you’re cruising the country in your RV, you need at least one fire extinguisher. But if you don’t have the right one, or you haven’t checked it recently, you may have a false sense of security rather than a fire-fighting device. There are a few important things to know about fire extinguishers, but they aren’t complicated. Here are three things to help you get up to speed: There are (...)

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